Homeboy Derek's Sick JZZ30

A year ago I met Derek at one of our Lexus/Toyota get togethers. He was a drop in from one of the local forums, and he fit in with us right away. Puts the same mentality forward as I do with his build, no knockoffs, no fake shit.

Back then, the soarer was rocking a set of Falken Koblenz wheels, some K-Sport coilovers, and a PowerFC with a base tune. We talked for a bit and decided to re-do the look for next year....So here I present to you, Derek's freshly rebuilt JZZ30 Soarer.

-1JZ-GTE, stock twin turbos
-Greddy 3 row front mount intercooler
-Apexi PowerFC tuned by RCTS
-HKS mid-pipe
-HSD HR coilovers, custom spring rates
-ORC Ogura twin plate clutch
-C's short stroke shift kit
-Torsen Diff

-Work Meister 3pc 19x10 19x12 (PoorForm spec'd)
-245/35 front, 305/30 rears
-Fenders pulled by Jimmy B
-Origin stylish line aero
-Deleted high beams on front bumper
-Deleted second exhaust opening
-Origin roof spoiler
-Wise trunk spoiler
-Shaved emblems
-Fresh paint
-Bride Gias Low Max, Bride Ergo II seats

Yeah....she's a neckbreaker. Another great addition to our crew.

Jimmy B
Work Wheels Japan
Dave (Evolize Photography)