Homeboy Derek's Sick JZZ30

A year ago I met Derek at one of our Lexus/Toyota get togethers. He was a drop in from one of the local forums, and he fit in with us right away. Puts the same mentality forward as I do with his build, no knockoffs, no fake shit.

Back then, the soarer was rocking a set of Falken Koblenz wheels, some K-Sport coilovers, and a PowerFC with a base tune. We talked for a bit and decided to re-do the look for next year....So here I present to you, Derek's freshly rebuilt JZZ30 Soarer.

-1JZ-GTE, stock twin turbos
-Greddy 3 row front mount intercooler
-Apexi PowerFC tuned by RCTS
-HKS mid-pipe
-HSD HR coilovers, custom spring rates
-ORC Ogura twin plate clutch
-C's short stroke shift kit
-Torsen Diff

-Work Meister 3pc 19x10 19x12 (PoorForm spec'd)
-245/35 front, 305/30 rears
-Fenders pulled by Jimmy B
-Origin stylish line aero
-Deleted high beams on front bumper
-Deleted second exhaust opening
-Origin roof spoiler
-Wise trunk spoiler
-Shaved emblems
-Fresh paint
-Bride Gias Low Max, Bride Ergo II seats

Yeah....she's a neckbreaker. Another great addition to our crew.

Jimmy B
Work Wheels Japan
Dave (Evolize Photography)

Something disgusting is in the works....

Be ready to tuck your boner under your belt.

PoorForm Meet/Cruise May 14th

Deerfoot and 130th, Canadian Tire parking lot


Cruise to:
Either Bragg Creek or Banff/Canmore, we'll take a poll when everyone shows up.

Not car specific, you can come no matter what kind of car. Please don't roll up in your bro's sweet b16 swapped EF hatch with hellaflush stickers, no one cares about a 140whp car that's rusted to shit. Please if you're going to attend, please have a presentable car. 

Confirmed People:

1. Jimmy - JZS161
2. Sheldon - GSE20
3. Andrew - UZZ40
4. Derek - JZZ30
5. Andre - JZZ30
6. Charlie - GSE21
7. Mitch - JZS147
8. Kenny - Evo 9
9. Eric - S13
10. Ryan - C55 AMG
11. Mike - R53 Cooper S
12. Ryan - CM8
13. Nick - E30
14. Pete - E30 turbo
15. Cello - GWS191
16. Taran - UZS160
17. Jaz - UZS160

Alberta Wide meet

April 16th, 2011. Mark it in the novelty Hello Kitty calenders you found in Chinatown. Club Lexus and Poor Form are hosting the first Alberta wide meet this season. Open to all Lexus and Toyota vehicles. Shine 'em up and bring 'em out.

1:00pm in the parking lot of Westerner Park in Red Deer, AB. Starting this season with a bang. That's how we roll.

Calgary Meet March 26

Club Lexus and Poor Form are organizing the first (of many) meets for the summer. March 26th, 2011 at 1pm. Meeting at RCTS in Calgary. Bring your friends. And some Vaseline & Kleenex. 

Welcome To PoorForm

Welcome to PoorForm. Check back for more updates soon.